Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome #2

Hello again and welcome to our new website. Below is the link to see "The Watershed" on youtube for free! I apologize now for the advertisements you may have to watch before the film begins. That's part of the bargain. Thanks so much for taking the time to take a look around on the site and for watching our work. All news regarding "Plain Art" will be coming shortly.


Chester by John Koethe

Wallace Stevens is beyond fathoming,
he is so strange; it is as if he had a
morbid secret he would rather perish
than disclose...

Marianne Moore to William Carlos Williams

Another day, which is usually how they come:
A cat at the foot of the bed, noncommital
In its blankness of mind, with the morning light
Slowly filling the room, and fragmentary
Memories of last night's video and phone calls.
It is a feeling of sufficiency, one menaced
By the fear of some vague lack, of a simplicity
Of self, a self without a soul, the nagging fear
Of being someone to whom nothing ever happens.
Thus the fantasy of the narrative behind the story,
Of the half-concealed life that lies beneath
The ordinary one, made up of ordinary mornings
More alike in how they feel than what they say.
They seem like luxuries of consciousness,
Like second thoughts that complicate the time
One simply wastes. And why not? Mere being
Is supposed to be enough, without the intricate
Evasions of a mystery or off-stage tragedy.
Evenings follow on the afternoons, lingering in
The living room and listening to the stereo
While Peggy Lee sings, "Is That All There Is?"
Amid the morning papers and the usual
Ghosts keeping you company, but just for awhile.
The true soul is the one that flickers in the eyes
Of an animal, like a cat that lifts its head and yawns
And stares at you, and then goes back to sleep.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Welcome to the new Ma and Pa Films Website. Thank you for taking the time to peruse the site and check out our work. We welcome your questions and comments. This site was designed by the talented Seth Holtgrewe (holtgrewe.org). Seth also designed the site for our film "The Watershed," (www.thewatershedproject.com).

We are very excited that our film "The Watershed" is now available for purchase on amazon.com and on iTunes. Please go to the "Store" page on this site for the direct links. Thank you to everyone who helped us and supported us on this film. There were so many of you and we are very grateful.

In other news "The Watershed" is also one of the first features now live in the new youtube features category. Just click on the link below. The beautiful soundtrack on this film was composed by Rich West, Roland Kniese, David Knowles and Ron Rennells. To hear more of their work please click on collaborators on the "About Us" page on this site and you will see their contact information.

Caren McCaleb is also one of our fabulous collaborators and recently edited "Plain Art" and the Arroyo Arts Collective video. More info on Caren is also under collaborators.