Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lost In Living DVD Release

Lost In Living is finally available on DVD!  Go here to purchase your copy!
Here is the NEW two minute trailer:

The full-length documentary film Lost In Living is now available on DVD.  Please visit the website: to purchase your very own copy. We are offering House Party Kits which will include a second DVD of extra footage and an in-depth discussion guide. Please share this post with anyone you can think of who would enjoy this film. I am very grateful.

I spent seven years documenting and recording four women as they experienced parenthood for the first time and after children leave.  I was there when they felt the loss of creative energy, grappled with divorce, regret, triumphs and failures.

This movie is an in-depth exploration of a domain normally off-limits – illumination of private experience, events that happen behind closed doors and the unveiling of one’s most personal, private and conflicted thoughts about life, family, artistic expression and self-image.

These amazing women shared their personal stories so that I may share them with you.

What job entity wields the most private power on the planet and yet has no public face?  Motherhood, the world’s most demanding, least compensated job.  Where only perfection is acceptable and failure is certain.  And who are these women who become mothers even when their creative compulsion tells them not to?  
Lost In Living focuses on that very issue.  This story is about feeling like an outsider and wanting to be special.  About wanting to be heard – and don’t we all?
Lost In Living is not a traditional Hero Story.  Hero stories are great.  We love to be inspired by the long shot, the renegade, the against all odds success. But we also long to see our own more nuanced and less formulaic experiences presented to us for reflection and identification. Lost In Living is about every aspect of the complexities of living in our modern world.  Thank you for taking a look.