Sunday, May 22, 2011

LOST IN LIVING Documentary Film Newsletter #2

LOST IN LIVING Documentary Film Newsletter #2

"I guess I'm more of a mother than I thought I was." -Kristina

In less than two months I have reached close to half of my funding goal. Thank you to everyone who supports this film. I am so grateful and humbled by your belief in this project and in me!

May is the month I have introduced, Kristina Robbins, one of the remarkable subjects of the film. This week I have provided a link (here) to a film Kristina wrote, directed and produced called “Life As You Know It.” Commissioned by Audi, this award-winning short asks whether you can raise kids and continue with your passions. Can you have it all? I think this film is a wonderful companion piece to “Lost In Living” because it introduces entire families who have figured out how to continue their creativity after having children.

Kristina is one of the partners and co-founders of the Department of Expansion. You can see their short films at this link ( The Department of Expansion is a team of talented filmmakers and producers who ask the question, “What good is a film if it doesn’t inspire action?’ They are a production company that delivers lean beautiful films about evolution, agression, the relationship of peace and violence in humans, rehabilitation of incarcerated youths, how blind children learn, Veterans for Peace, nurses, Jane Goodall and many other topics.

Kristina is also a wonderful mother of two young children who are as smart, insightful and creative as she is.

Enjoy getting to know Kristina a little more by visiting the Department of Expansion website and watching “Life As You Know It.”

Info about LOST IN LIVING and how you can help:
LOST IN LIVING follows four remarkable women, all artists as well as mothers. Through intimate, verite scenes, and in-depth interviews, this film illuminates how the choice of being a mother can affect one’s art and approach to creativity. Further, the film explores parenting expectations and failures, issues of friendship and marriage, the monotony of domestic routines, and most importantly who we are in the world and how we all struggle with the balance of family commitment and personal work.

Tax deductible contributions to LOST IN LIVING can be made on-line by visiting the website (here) and clicking on the “donate” tab: or you can send a check written out to: Filmmakers Alliance, 1218 East Palm Street, Altadena, CA 91001 (with LOST IN LIVING in the subject line of the check). Tax ID #95-4449125

To view a ten-minute excerpt of the film, please go here or to

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  1. where or how can i watch the whole documantary? i am from switzerland and totally interested in this docu. I would be very happy if you can tell me if i can buy this film somewhere. Thank you very much.
    With kind regards, Lina

    1. Hi Lina, thanks for writing. We are just now completing the film and hoping to have DVD's by the end of December. If you go to the website: and sign up on the newsletter you will receive updates. Or you can like the facebook page: and get updates that way. Thanks again! -Mary