Monday, April 15, 2013

Two New Screenings in Southern California

New Screenings


Please check out the NEW two minute trailer for the film by clicking on the link below.  
Hello Everyone!

We have TWO SCREENINGS coming up in Southern California. I am grateful to Audrey Bilger, Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn and Melanie Klein for organizing and making these happen. Here is all the information you'll need to attend and spread the word:

• Thursday, April 25th, 2013.  4:00 pm. Claremont McKenna College, 500 E. 9th Street, Claremont, CA. Pickford Auditorium (Bauer Center). Sponsored and Hosted by The Berger Institute for Work, Family, and Children and The Center for Writing and Public Discourse. FREE and Open to the public. I will be there to discuss the film and answer questions.

•  Thursday, May 9th, 2013.  7:00 pm. Santa Monica College, 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA. Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Room 263. Hosted by Women, Action + Media LA. FREE and Open to the public. I will be there to discuss the film and answer questions. Some of the women from the film may be there as well. 

Details about screenings in New York and North Dakota will be coming soon.  

DVD's are now available for sale on the website here or just click on the button above (BUY THE DVD).  Thank you for your support and for sharing this film with friends and family.

Please like the facebook page here to get the most recent information and specific details about future screenings.  And if you are not a subscriber of the newsletter please join by clicking here.

We've had the pleasure of getting noticed and mentioned by some wonderful writers, bloggers and artists. I'd like to share those links with you below. And please check out their sites. These people are incredibly talented and I am grateful for their support of Lost In Living.

•  Rachel Power at The Rachel Papers.

•  Susan Perry interviewed me for her blog Creating in Flow.

•  Claire Thomas.

•  Karen Maezen Miller.

•  Duplex Collective.

•  Feature Shoot.

If you or an organization you are affiliated with would like to host a screening, please let me know. Maybe your school or college would be interested in hosting a screening as part of a classroom curriculum or department event. I would love to discuss it with you. On the website store page are some guidelines to organize just such an event at your school. Clickhere for details. And look under "Lost In Living" Educational DVD. Or read this:

How to Bring Lost In Living to your Campus

1)  Contacting your school's Office of Student Activities is generally a good place to start.  Each school is different, and the Office of Student Activities at your school may then refer you to another student group or academic department.

2)  You can also start by asking the department heads or professors of various academic departments in your school to inquire if there is a possibility of co-presenting or co-sponsoring the screening.

Lost In Living is particularly suited to classes in:
•  Women's Studies
•  Gender Studies
•  Sociology
•  Psychology
•  Film/Media Studies
•  Documentary Production

3)  You can also organize to have me speak with the film screening.  I normally charge a speaking fee per event but I am more than willing to work with the budgets of various student organizations and academic departments to coordinate a campus screening and presentation.  I am also available to skype with smaller groups.

I truly appreciate your help and participation. This film could not have been made without you. Please feel free to share this newsletter with friends!  Thank you.

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