Monday, June 11, 2012

Post Yard Sale/Film Fundraiser

Night before yard sale


A GIGANTIC thanks to all the people who helped me with the yard sale.  It was a huge, huge effort and I am so grateful to everyone who contributed so many wonderful items, helped me set up, helped sell to customers, passed out postcards about the film, hung signs and bought things.  A very special thank you to my daughter, Nuala, and her friends, who tirelessly sold lemonade and cookies and always asked first before they helped themselves.  The weekend took it out of me but it was all worth it.  Met some great neighbors I never knew I had, met people who came because they wanted to support the movie, got to be outside all day both days and made enough money to continue editing for another week and a half, pay for the postcard printing and all the expenses from the yard sale (posters, signs, etc.).   I am truly grateful to all of you and truly grateful it is over.  We only had a few items left and we will be donating them to Goodwill.  

The film is definitely coming along.  I've often said editing this film is like writing a novel - or rather what I imagine writing a novel would be like.  Because I've never even attempted to do something like that.  But I've always loved novels and I want this film to feel like that.  So we are working hard at interweaving the stories together.  Making the difficult decisions about what stays in and what doesn't based on how the individual women reflect, comment and contradict each other.  This will be a film that moves back and forth from each woman to show the connections between them.  And it's all getting very exciting even when we don't know what to do next.  Fortunately we're not stuck for long.

Fundraising efforts seem to never cease so with that said here is the link to donate to the film.  More than your money, why not forward the link to a few friends.  Spreading the word not only helps raise money but also lets people know about the film.  We need that support when the film is completed and we want to screen it everywhere.  So thank you for everything and more news will be coming soon...

Like the facebook page here.  Thanks!



  1. Good luck with the film and glad you survived!!

  2. By the way Mary, your film looks amazing! I'd love to talk with you more about film-making and writing for films. I "liked" your Facebook fan page, but I wonder if you have a twitter account? I used to loathe the idea of it, but it is a great way to help with promotion & publicity. I am on there as thepishposh (and other identities for writing/publishing) I'd be happy to help you with that if you like.

    Good luck with everything! Yard sales stink, but I hope it was successful for you!